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All the members in this team are voluntary and respect the charter of ethics of 3i3s


Philippe BOISSAT
President & Founder

He founded 3i3s and is a space and satellite industry specialist. Therefore, he’s the one who carries through all the actions initiated by the association’s bureau.
He is in charge of the day-to-day organization but also guarantees the full respect of the ethical charter.

3i3s is leading a dynamic and efficient policy to promote and enable spatial technologies to be known by most individuals (companies, communities, State services, customers)  and also to highlight its members’ actions.

Do not hesitate to contact him and get information about his contributions in the institute’s news.

General Secretary

As the institute’s General Secretary, he has excellent knowledge of space and aerospatial industries. He coordinates on the international level all the actions led by the association so as to follow their lead and guarantee their final objective.

Do not hesitate to contact him and get information about his contributions in the institute’s news.


General Daniel GAVOTY
Co- Founder

He has been working these last 32 years for Defense as :

  • Space manager
  • Representative for Surveillance / Information and Communication systems
  • Program manager for Research and Space
  • Technical advisor for air operations in Bosnia-Herzegovina
  • Commander of the air base of Colmar
  • Human Resources manager for flying personnel
  • Commander of air units: 250 flying hours on fighters


Jacques MOLHO
General Secretary & Founder of 3i3s Africa

  • Computer Engineer (ENSEEIHT), Toulouse, France (Science Master  – Computer Science)
  • CEO HadYar Portfolio, Software for French Cancer Plan (RCPSoft) (since 2002)
  • Teledata Networks, Senior Sales Manager Africa (2008-2009)
  • Gilat Satcom, Regional Sales Manager Central and West Africa (2005-2008)
  • Lucent Technologies, Business Development Manager EMEA (2000-2002)
  • IBM, Sales Manager eBusiness Solutions (1996-2000)
  • IBM, System Engineer, Project Manager (1993-1996)
  • IBM, Software Development Engineer (1985-1993)

Do not hesitate to contact him and get information about the African subdivision on 3i3s Africa

Coordinatrice relations GALILEO

She is the interface between all individuals involved in the Galiléo project.
She is also an expert in satellite technologies and coordinates all 3i3s’s actions  that are being led towards scientific and governmental organizations. She is at every 3i3s’s member’s disposal if there are any questions on these matters.

Go and see Jacques BARROT in vidéo section




Pierre OPPETIT Coordinateur relations humaines

He is the founder and manager of a company specialized in recruitment for space industry called Spacelinks. He is in charge of a unique website in Europe called Space Careers ( which is dedicated to employment in the space industry.

  • He is acting as a connection between prestigious schools and space industry.
  • He connects 3i3s’s members together who would wish to distribute job offers.
  • He provides the 3i3s’s resume databank with available members.

He chooses between our members’ offers specialized in human resources.

Christine LEURQUIN
Vice Presidente pour les relations Europe

She acts as a significant interface for SOLEIL members. She is leading and coordinating 3i3s’s actions on European level.

Do not hesitate to contact her and have a look at her contributions

Catherine BRESSON Vice Présidente pour les relations Corporate

She acts as an interface for PLUTON members and more specifically for DSI, Telecommunication Managers or Security Managers working in big firms and wishing to implement applications satellite or already having some.
She also acts as an interface for EXCHANGES members, organizations or institutions which would fit into her abilities.

Do not hesitate to contact her and have a look at her contributions

Jérome SOKOL
Coordinateur des relations avec les membres

Jérôme is your main contact to help you subscribe, update your membership form and try to fulfill your wishes concerning the animation of our members’ network.
He is also setting up all technical information which could be required by our members : technical jargon etc.
Do not hesitate to contact him.

Correspondant sur les questions de l'aménagement numérique pour L'Europe et L'Afrique

He is our expert on numeric developments for Europe and Africa.
He acts as an interface for some EXCHANGES members and leads all events on the subject.

Do not hesitate to contact him and have a look at his contributions



Coordinatrice programmes humanitary


Juliette WARTER
Coordinatrice programmes European

She is the only contact person for SSP in Europe (JUPITER members). She updates the SSP database in Europe and implements actions for and towards its members. Members can also have 3i3s’s support to communicate as widely as possible.
She determines the program that will be followed during all events organized by  3i3s (breakfasts, business lunches etc.)

Do not hesitate to contact her and have a look at her contributions


Responsable pôle de Toulouse

She is the only contact person for our members and partners in Toulouse: Grand Toulouse, Galileo, Cnes, Space Valley... she is also a specialist of  satellite applications on agriculture.

Do not hesitate to contact her and have a look at her contributions


Coordinatrice des relations extérieures et des partenariats

She acts as an interface for our SPONSORS members. She negotiates their contributions with them and also negotiates with our service providers (events locations etc.)

If you wish to join our SPONSORS and take an active part in the development of our association and its social and humanitarian projects, do not hesitate to contact her

Dominique MARTIN
Coordinatrice des relations audiovisuelles

She is the contact person for AUDIOVISUAL matters.

She’s dealing with EXCHANGES members in that field, but also JUPITER members on audiovisual applications.
She is leading and organizing "workshops" for its members.


Relations médias



Coordinateur Web et supports de communication

Dan ARBOGAST is in charge of implementing our different tools of communication – among which our website and its contents, so that they can make information accessible and pertinent.
His job is a support to all 3i3s’s coordinators and beyond that to members who would wish to get involved in 3i3s to communicate their know-how.

He’s taking notice of all remarks from members, partners and net surfers to update the website and therefore have the best possible communication on  3i3s’s activities. If you wish to make comments on the website or on the different tools developped by 3i3s, do not hesitate to contact him


Jackie Le Gac
Chartered accountant

 7 rue de l'asile Popincourt 75011 Paris
01 47 00 92 18

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